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Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Permanent magnet DC motor by stator poles, rotor, brush, and other components,

The stator poles using permanent magnets (permanent magnets), ferrite, AlNiCo, neodymium-iron-boron and other materials. According to their structure can be divided into cylinder and pads, and so on. Most of the electricity used in the VCR for cylindrical magnet, power tools and cars using electric motors for use in most used block magnets.

Rotor silicon steel sheet laminated is usually used, and less than the electromagnetic motor rotor slots. Recording and playback machines used in most small power motors for 3 tanks, higher value for the 5 slot 7 slot. Enameled wire around the rotor core between two slots (three slots that has three windings), each and every joint weld on the metal sheet of the commutator. Brush is connect the power to the rotor winding of the conductive parts, conductive and wear-resistance of two kinds of properties. Permanent magnet motor brush using a single metal or metal-graphite brush, electrographite brushes.