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The Superiority Of Brushless DC Motor

DC motor with fast response, large starting torque,

Speed from zero to the rated speed with rated torque can provide the performance, but the advantage of a DC motor is also its disadvantage, because DC motors to produce the rated load constant torque performance of armature and rotor magnetic field required to maintain the constant 90 °, this will be through the carbon brush and commutator. Carbon brush and commutator motor will produce sparks, toner so the outside will cause damage to the components, use is restricted. AC motor without carbon brush and commutator, maintenance-free, strong, broad, but features to achieve performance equivalent to DC motor control technology must be used to achieve. Many of today's rapid development of semiconductor power switch frequency to enhance motor performance. Microprocessor speed faster and faster, AC motor control can be realized in a rotation of the two axes orthogonal coordinate systems, proper control of AC motors in two-axis current component, similar to DC motor control and performance with the DC motor.

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